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“I am immensely grateful to Paul Dinas for his unwavering optimism and encouragement in helping me to stay focused and positive and successfully publish my debut novel Fire of the Dark Triad. His keen eye for detail, insightful suggestions and edits, his professionalism, and deep knowledge of the publishing process made the entire process smooth, efficient, and rewarding.”

Asya Semenovich,

“Paul Dinas is a wonderful, remarkable editor, enthusiastic, caring, skillful, and consistently full of excellent developmental insights. I worked with him on two books and I can honestly say they are published today because of him. Without a doubt, he changed my writing life and career trajectory.”

Suzzane Trauth,
WHAT REMAINS OF LOVE and the DODIE O’DELL mystery series

“Paul Dinas helped me organize my chapters and suggested areas of improvement. As a result of his editing, my book became much more than I had envisioned. If you want your book to be special, you must hire Paul. You will not regret it.”

Sam Perroni,

“As a first-time author, I had no idea how fortunate I was that Paul Dinas agreed to work with me. Working with him was both a pleasure and a learning experience. He guided me–patiently, gently, like a mentor does–in shaping it, organizing it, and turning it into a coherent, readable, narrative of a complex piece of aviation history. My book would never have been published without his editorial work.”

Paul O’Sullivan,

“Paul Dinas was an immeasurable asset to the successful publication of my manuscript. His careful editorial guidance resulted in a better book. His many years of publishing experience gave me insights into the entire process for which as a first-time author I am grateful.”

Anthony Whitworth,

“Paul Dinas is a true professional in the art of editing. He is fair, honest, and supportive, and guided me through a sea of red lines like a magician. When the smoke cleared my first novel was published worldwide. It doesn’t get any better than that for a writer and an editor.”

Christopher O’Rouke,

“The difference between the dream of being a writer and the reality of becoming a writer is often times an editor and mentor such as Paul Dinas who has the knowledge and skill to help bring your vision to life. As a new writer Paul has helped me to focus my thoughts, develop my voice, and transform my ideas into reality.”

Kathi Daley, Novelist

“Paul Dinas is one of my favorite editors — always incisive and precise, reliable, and one of the most ‘fun people to work with’ I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

Ken Atchity, Literary Agent and Film Producer

“I worked with Paul Dinas over many years when he was an in-house editor at several major publishers. He’s a hands-on editor who can determine just what a manuscript needs to make it work. A consummate professional and gentleman, Paul represented his publishers well while providing fine service as an author’s advocate. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

Denise Marcil, Founder/Owner, Denise Marcil Literary Agency LLC.

“Paul is a highly professional, extremely bright editor. And he had many useful insights and suggestions that helped to improve the content and overall quality of my novel. I found working with him to be an excellent experience.”

Janice Wittenberg, Novelist

“Paul Dinas was my editor for my first book, The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving. Paul helped me develop the concept of the book, honing in on what was necessary and what was not. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor, and I owe a debt of gratitude to him for a book I am very proud of — one that I’m receiving rave reviews for. I’d highly recommend Paul Dinas for any editing job.”

Debra Holland, Ph.D, USA Today Bestselling Author

“I’ve known Paul Dinas for over 24 years, and he served as editor and overseer in the publication of 18 of my novels. Paul always demonstrated a strong work ethic, attention to the details of the writing and publishing process, and strong insight relative to the expectations of the reading audience. I recommend him highly.”

William H. Lovejoy, Novelist